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David E. Clemmer

David E. Clemmer Robert & Marjorie Mann Chair, Professor of Chemistry, and
Associate Dean for the Natural & Mathematical Sciences, and Research

Professor Clemmer grew up in the southwest and studied Chemistry at Adams State College (B.S., 1987) and the University of Utah (Ph.D., 1992).  He spent a year in Japan as a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Fellow at the Himeji Institute of Technology, and two years as a post-doctoral student at Northwestern University.   He joined the Chemistry faculty at Indiana University in 1995.  From 2002 to 2006 he served as the chair of the Chemistry Department.

David’s professional interests include teaching and the development of analytical methods for studying the structures of complex low-symmetry systems.  He and his collaborators develop instruments and methodologies that allow rapid characterization of complex mixtures of biological molecules.  Some of these methods are now available commercially and are used to address a range of scientific problems, including: elucidation of fundamental issues associated with how proteins fold and aggregate; characterization of human and model organism proteomes; and, assessment of molecules that may be used as markers for following specific disease states.

Approximately 50 graduate and postdoctoral students and ~20 undergraduates have trained, or are in training, in Professor Clemmer’s research group.  With his collaborators, David has coauthored ~175 publications which have been cited more than 7500 times; more than 40 issued and pending US and foreign patent applications have been based on this work.  Research from the Clemmer group has been recognized with awards from the Sloan, Dreyfus, and National Science Foundations, the American Chemical Society, and the American Society of Mass Spectrometry.  David is an AAAS and FRSC fellow, and was a member of the Defense Science Study Group.

David’s unprofessional activities include playing musical instruments with his three daughters and running marathons with his wife, Wendy.