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Indiana University Bloomington

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Office of the Executive Dean

Office of the Executive Dean
College of Arts and Sciences
Owen Hall
790 East Kirkwood Ave.
Bloomington, IN 47405-7101
(812) 855-1646
(812) 855-2060 (fax)

Larry D. Singell, Jr.Larry D. Singell
Executive Dean
Professor of Economics
(812) 855-2392
lsingell at


Jean RobinsonJean Robinson
Associate Executive Dean
Professor of Political Science
(812) 855-2149
robinso at


John LucaitesJohn Lucaites
Associate Dean for Arts & Humanities and Undergraduate Education
Professor of Communication and Culture
(812) 856-5019
lucaites at


Jane McLeodJane McLeod
Associate Dean for Social & Historical Sciences and Graduate Education
Professor of Sociology
(812) 856-7207
jmcleod at


James A. MusserJames A. Musser
Associate Dean for Natural & Mathematical Sciences and Research
Professor of Physics
(812) 856-7207
jmusser at


Stephen WattStephen Watt
Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives
Provost Professor of English
(812) 856-7207
watt at


Amanda CiccarelliAmanda Ciccarelli
Chief of Staff
(812) 855-0036
aeciccar at


Patti PowellPatti Powell
Assistant to the Executive Dean
(812) 855-2392
ppowell at


Cédric Brouzeng-Lacoustille
Assistant to Associate Deans
(812) 855-1097
cebrouze at


Lynn Burgin
Assistant to Associate Deans
(812) 856-5019
lburgin at


Donna Davis
Assistant to Associate Deans
(812) 856-7207
daviscd at


Dawn Edwards
Assistant to Associate Executive Dean
(812) 855-2149
dawedwar at


Michael GlasgowMichael Glasgow
Owen Host
(812) 855-1646
owenhost at


Luis RoncayoloLuis Roncayolo
Senior Office Services Assistant
(812) 855-7272
lroncayo at


Rita KoryanRita Koryan
Director of International Planning, Programs, and Strategic Initiatives
(812) 856-9011
rkoryan at


Bob PattererBob Patterer
Director of Facilities and Science Infrastructure
(812) 855-0743
rpattere at


Assistant Director of Facilities
(812) 855-1646


Pete Goodwin
Building Manager (Global and International Studies Building)
(812) 855-1646
hgoodwin at


Jill WhiteJill White
Building Coordinator (Ballantine Hall)
(812) 855-1982
jillwhit at