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Global & International Programs

School of Global and International Studies

The College of Arts and Sciences has a long and distinguished history in the instruction of foreign cultures, languages and literatures. We are recognized across the world as a major center for language study and Title VI area studies programs. Internationalism and cross-cultural research suffuse many areas inquiry and study in the College. Proficiency in a second (or even a third!) language is the mark of an educated person — a citizen of the world who has wide horizons of opportunity, a broad outlook on the different cultures of the world, and a depth of understanding about human communication and interaction. The College of Arts and Sciences requires all undergraduate majors to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language, and we offer instruction in languages from Azeri to Zulu.

Global Village

"An essential component of U.S. national security in the post-9/11 world is the ability to engage foreign governments and peoples, especially in critical regions, to encourage reform, promote understanding, convey respect for other cultures and provide an opportunity to learn more about America and its citizens."
- U.S. National Security Language Initiative

Prof. Chris Atwood exchanging with Khotong Molda in Mongolia

Central Eurasian Studies Department Prof. Chris Atwood, left, exchanging with Khotong Molda in Mongolia

Many faculty members and graduate students utilize world language skills in their research. The College is well known for its commitment to teaching the less-commonly-taught-languages, many of which are offered in special summer workshops or courses such as The Summer Language Workshop (SWSEEL) and the Summer Cooperative African Language Institute.

The Department of Second Language Studies serves as an excellent site for teaching and research. Our Global Village Living-Learning Center brings together students with cross-cultural and transnational interests; many of them major in our International Studies program. The English Language Improvement Program (SLS) provides courses for international students who need additional work in their aural, speaking, and written skills in English. IU also provides training in foreign languages and cultures for outstanding Indiana secondary students with our renowned High School Foreign Language Program.

Departments, Programs, and Centers in Global & International Programs Division

African Studies
Center for American and Global Security
Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region(CeLCAR)
Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
Center for the Study of Global Change
Center for the Study of the Middle East
Central Eurasian Studies
Chinese Flagship Center
Dhar India Studies Program
East Asian Languages and Cultures
East Asia Studies Center
Inner Asian & Uralic National Resource Center
Institute for European Studies
International Studies
Islamic Studies Program
Korean Studies Institute
National African Language Resource Center
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Pan Asia Institute
Polish Studies Center

Research Center on Chinese Politics and Business
Russian and East European Institute
Southeast Asian Studies
Summer Language Workshop
Swahili Flagship Center
Turkish Language Flagship Center