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Indiana University Bloomington

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Awards and Recognition: Distinguished Faculty Award

2015 Ken Mackie Psychological and Brain Sciences
2014 Richard DiMarchi Chemistry
2012 Darlene J. Sadlier Spanish and Portuguese
2011 Ellen Ketterson Biology
2010 Elinor Ostrom Political Science
2009 Portia K. Maultsby Folklore and Ethnomusicology
2008 Olaf Sporns Psychological and Brain Sciences
2007 Jeffrey A. Wolin Fine Arts
2006 Bernice Pescosolido Sociology
2005 John M. Cameron Physics
2004 Jeffrey D. Palmer Biology
2003 Lisa M. Pratt Geological Sciences
2002 John E. Bodnar History
2001 Patrick Brantlinger English
2000 Joseph E. Steinmetz Psychology
1999 Milos V. Novotny Chemistry
1998 Robert M. Nosofsky Psychology
1997 Malcolm H. Chisholm Chemistry
1996 William P. Ziemer Mathematics
1995 Scott R. Sanders English
1994 Ruth N. Halls Recognition of Halls Chairs & Professorships
1993 Gary M. Hieftje Chemistry
1992 Susan D. Gubar English
1991 Stephen J. Stein Religious Studies
1990 Charles S. Parmenter Chemistry
1989 James C. Craig Psychology

A plaque honoring Distinguished Faculty Award recipients is located in Owen Hall