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Spread the word about the College!

As Ruth Gordon said when she won an Academy Award for Harold and Maude, "This is encouraging." As a result of the call for candidates for the College Alumni Board, we received 30 inquiries and 24 applications. I wish I could report that four new members have been chosen, but it's an ongoing process. I'll let you know in the fall issue. Keep the applications coming in. If you aren't chosen this year, you could be next year or the year after that.

We had more closure in our quest to provide a focus to the board's endeavors. We all agreed that the College of Arts and Sciences is one of the best-kept educational secrets around, and as alumni we need to find ways to help the College attract students and bring them to campus. That means identifying out-of-state and in-state areas where the university is recruiting students with success and matching those areas with alumni who will add value to the process. We've talked about bringing currently enrolled or recently graduated IU students to talk with high school students - the theory being that since they are closer in age to prospective students, they will have more impact than the faculty, dean, or alumni more the ages of their parents. We've also discussed combining College Connection luncheons outside Bloomington with a get-together for IU alumni and potential students, on the theory that our best faculty will have strong pulling power. We'll try that next fall.

In the meantime, contact me at or Susan Green at with any ideas or thoughts you have on how to increase the impact of the College.

After years of working with this alumni board, the IUAA's Allison Scott has left to work for the IU Foundation. Please join us in welcoming Nicki Bland as our new alumni liaison. Our magazine editor of the past two issues, Leora Baude, has also departed, to work at the School of Law. She has promised to write occasionally for The College.

- Bruce Gingles

Have luggage tag, will travel

A degree from the College of Arts and Sciences helps us develop many life skills such as communicating effectively, responding to challenges and change with flexibility and creativity, and the particular skill we're using here: knowing a good idea when we see it.

Our colleagues in the Kelley School of Business offer their graduates a free luggage tag made from a business card. We love the idea in the College because we're always looking for ways to update our alumni database, and we also want to promote the fact that many of our graduates are in business. When you travel with our luggage tag, you will show that you are proud of your connection to the College and to IU. We hope our tags grace luggage carousels and overhead bins around the world.

So send us your business card (one per graduate please), and we will laminate it, enclose it in a frame with strap, and send it back for your traveling pleasure. And the next time you see someone from the Kelley School of Business, thank them for sharing their good idea with us.

Luggage Tags
College of Arts and Sciences, Room 208
130 South Woodlawn
Bloomington, IN 47405

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