The College Magazine - Summer 2001

Spotlight on the department of Afro-American Studies

"United in Teaching, Research, and Service"

One of the oldest Afro-American studies departments in the country and the oldest in Indiana, Indiana University's Department of Afro-American Studies is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. In April, the department hosted a symposium on the future of the field in Midwestern colleges and universities.


  • 3 full professors
  • 5 associate professors
  • 10 adjunct professors
  • 10 associate instructors

    Black Film Center/Archive


  • 80 undergraduate majors
  • 14 undergraduate minors
  • 12 master's students


  • The department offers a BA, an MA, and a PhD minor in Afro-American studies.
  • The Departmental Honors Program is available for undergraduate majors with a minimum 3.3 cumulative GPA.

  • The department is home to the internationally acclaimed Black Film Center/Archive, which serves faculty and students throughout the university with its rich and diverse resources. Also affiliated with the department is the African- American Arts Institute, including the African-American Choral Ensemble, IU Soul Revue, and the African-Ameri-can Dance Company, which add substantially to the culture of the university and the community.

  • Afro-American studies is a multidisciplinary field that prepares students for a variety of professional careers or for graduate studies in the humanities and social sciences. Many AAS majors have pursued studies in journalism, telecommunications, folklore, ethnomusicology, literature, law, public and environmental affairs, political science, and business. Others have taken jobs in film production, media, business, and social services after graduation.

  • Twice a year, the department communicates with its alumni through Atumpan, a newsletter describing the activities and research of the faculty, students, and alumni of Afro-American studies.

    "The Talking Drum""

  • For more information, visit the Department of Afro-American Studies Web site at
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