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The College Magazine - Summer 2001 Features
Meet Joe Steinmetz
by Craig Owens

The Voice of Reason
by Nick Riddle

Turf Wars: English and History Mix It Up on the Fields of Study
by Leora Baude

For Every Professor, a Chair
For Every Chair, a Professorship

by Craig Owens

For the Birds: Seeds of Invention
by Geoff Pollack

Technology: Another Tool in the Hands of Arts & Sciences Majors
by Nick Riddle

Retired and Wired
by Nick Riddle

Kumble R. Subbaswamy

Executive Associate Dean
David Zaret

Associate Dean for Science and Research
Lisa Pratt

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education
Linda Smith

Associate Dean for Program Development and Graduate Education
Michael McGerr

Executive Director of Development/Alumni Programming, Senior Editor
Susan Dunn Green
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From the Dean

Making the College smaller

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