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Board encourages alumni involvement

Your alumni board isn’t resting on its laurels. College Connection lunches in Indiana and in surrounding states take our faculty on the road to share the excitement of learning at IU. Alumni publications like The College and your departmental newsletter try to keep you informed. But we want to do more to develop and strengthen the links between the College and its graduates. The board will meet all day on Saturday, Oct. 14, to discuss how to reach out to College alumni around the country, and how to maximize the impact of our budget and get more of you involved with the College. We’ve done some investigating to discover what works for other successful alumni programs, and we’ll discuss that too. By the time this meeting winds up, more than our laurels will be tired.

Here are a couple of ways you can help.

1. There are four board slots open for election. If you are interested in participating, declare your candidacy and send a resume by e-mail or regular mail. Nominate a friend the same way.

2. Share your opinion. Would you prefer publications about the College that are larger or arrive with more frequency? Would you like to hear a lecture from a College professor in your home town or would you rather come to campus? Are you interested in interacting with students as a mentor or helping to recruit high school students to IU, or both?

Contact Susan Green at or Bruce Gingles at We’ll look forward to hearing from you, and we’ll report new directions in the next issue of The College

— Bruce Gingles

Luggage Tags

A degree from the College of Arts and Sciences helps us develop many life skills, such as communicating effectively, responding to challenges and change with flexibility and creativity, and the particular skill we're using here: knowing a good idea when we see it.

Our colleagues in the Kelley School of Business offer their graduates a free luggage tag made from a business card. We love the idea in the College because we're always looking for ways to update our alumni database, and we also want to promote the fact that many of our graduates are in business. When you travel with our luggage tag, you will show that you are proud of your connection to the College and to IU. We hope our tags grace luggage carousels and overhead bins around the world.

So send us your business card (one per graduate please), and we will laminate it, attach it to a leather strap, and send it back for your traveling pleasure. And the next time you see someone from the Kelly School of Business, thank them for sharing their good idea with us.

Mail your business card to:

Luggage Tags
College of Arts and Sciences
Kirkwood Hall
Room 208
130 South Woodlawn
Bloomington, IN 47405

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