The College Magazine - Winter 2001
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Off the Web

Here’s a sampling of some of the offerings on College-connected World Wide Web pages.

Student groups
See photos, read news stories, and learn what you can do to help the efforts of Outreach Kenya Development Volunteers, an IU student group that has joined forces with a grass-roots organization in the Western Province of Kenya to provide HIV/AIDS education and support for innovative local development projects.

East Asian Languages and Cultures
The earliest extant example of metal type printing in the world is a Buddhist scripture published in Korea in 1377. (By comparison, the Gutenberg Bible dates from the mid-15th century.) You can see the scripture as part of an online slide show illustrating such aspects of Korean culture as art, religion, and the history of science.

Afro-American Studies
Online video clips from a selection of late 19th- and early 20th-century films in Indiana University’s Black Film Center/Archive offer a tantalizing glimpse both of a seldom-seen cinematic world and of the rich resources housed in the archive.

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