Alumni Board
The Alumni Board
The 2001 College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Board members standing from left: Lisa Marchal, Catherine Srechkovich, Ann Anderson, Alan Spears, John Burks, John Papageorge, Dan Cougill, Doug Dayhoff, Jim Rogers, David Ellies, and Jeff Stuckey. Seated: Susan Green, Marty Tardy, Bruce Gingles, and Kumble R. Subbaswamy. Kneeling: Nicki Bland, Kathy Krueger, and Marsha Minton.
      Out of the tree of alumni members, we picked five plums for board membership, and we still have great candidates ripening on the branches. The five new members are:
  • Ann Anderson, BA'87 (history), is vice president and trust officer of Old National Trust Bank, Indianapolis, Ind.
  • John Burks, PhD'79 (chemistry) is a research scientist with Eli Lilly Tippecanoe Laboratory in Lafayette, Ind., and has been active with the Lafayette Alumni Club.
  • Douglas Dayhoff, BA'92 (Spanish and philosophy), and a partner created, a Web-based real estate company. Dayhoff is principal in Middle-Court Holdings, located in Indianapolis, Ind.
  • Lisa A. Marchal, BA'96 (speech com-munication), is pastor of the Rockdale United Methodist Church in West Harrison, Ind.
  • John Papageorge, BA'89 (psychology and political science), is an attorney in Indianapolis with the firm of Sommer and Barnard P.C., specializing in commercial and employment litigation.
  •       At the November meeting, board members met with Linda Smith, associate dean for undergraduates and professor of psychology, and Jocelyn Bowie, director of marketing for the College of Arts and Sciences, to define strategies for recruiting students, especially out-of-state students and "direct admits." With their help, the board will construct a program that alumni around the country can put in place to introduce students to the many advantages of choosing a major in the College of Arts and Sciences. Look for details in the next "From Your Alumni Board" column.

          Carol Edge, BA'87 (English), was the editor for constituent publications for the IU Alumni Association for 12 years. In this capacity, she both extracted The College magazine and departmental newsletters out of messes we didn't notice in time and kept us from stepping in many more. Her knowledge, patience, organizational skills, and creativity were a godsend. She left us to pursue an advanced degree in Afro-American studies, and we will miss her.

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