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   February, 2010
Outstanding Junior Faculty Award

Recipients of the Outstanding Junior Faculty Award this year are Brian D'Onofrio (Psychological and Brain Sciences), Christiane Gruber (Art History and International Studies), Ho-fung Hung (Sociology and East Asian Languages & Cultures), Daniel Kearns (Biology), and Marissa Moorman (History). Each have received $14,500 to support his or her research and creative activity from the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs and the Office of the Vice Provost for Research.

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Students and faculty from Biology (Jonathan Atwell, Christy Bergeon Burns, Ellen Ketterson, Roger Hangarter, Craig Nelson) and Telecommunications (Steve Burns, Ron Osgood) are collaborating on an Dark-eyed juncointeractive educational media project on the bird they study, the dark-eyed junco.  The title of the project is "Rapid evolution in a backyard songbird--coping with environmental change," and a preview clip can be seen here.  The project got started with funding from the College and OVPR; the group has submitted a proposal for funding to the National Science Foundation program "Communicating Research to Public Audiences."

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