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   September, 2009
Malti-Douglas featured in APS publication

Fedwa Malti-DouglasDistinguished Professor Fedwa Malti-Douglas, (Comparative Literature, Gender Studies, Humanities and Law) was included in Women of the APS, Volume II was a year-long after-school project at the American Philosophical Society (APS) Museum that engaged 17 high school girls from Philadelphia's Charter High School for Architecture and Design (CHAD) as they worked on the second volume of the Women of the APS series.  The project resulted in a student-created booklet with text and pictures. The students focused on the ten visionary leaders listed below.  The girls selected and researched the women, drew their portraits, and wrote short biographical pieces about their lives and accomplishments.  As with the first volume, which was published in 2006, the second volume will be sold for $2, with profits benefiting the American Friends Service Committee Afghanistan Project in support of girls' education.

The after-school program took place in Fall 2007 through Spring 2008.  Women of the APS, Volume II was published in 2009. The goal of the Museum’s educational outreach programs over the 2007-2008 exhibition season was to nurture participating students’ understanding of history, science, and art and to develop projects that enrich classroom learning through experiential activities. The Women of the APS project was supported by a generous grant from the Connelly Foundation.

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