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Procedure for 2012 New Frontiers Applications

To: College fiscal officers and delegates

Procedure for 2012 New Frontiers Applications

Dear Colleague,

The Vice President for Research has issued a new solicitation for the New Frontiers program, with a submission deadline of January 16, 2012. For details, please see the call for proposals at:  

There are a few details that College applicants should be aware of, and I would appreciate it if you could notify faculty members in your department who may be interested in this funding opportunity:

  1. The New Frontiers program requires a letter of support from the Dean’s office. Applicants do not need to contact our office to obtain such a letter (with the exception listed in point 5 below). Instead, College applicants may submit directly to the website, without the Dean’s letter. Our office will receive the full package of College applications, and we will then provide the Dean’s letters directly.
  2. The College will not supply in-state fee remissions. Therefore, proposals that request graduate student support should either appoint a student on hourly pay, appoint a student on G901, or supply in-state fee remissions from other sources. In the latter case, if applicable the College will pay the difference between out of state and in-state fee remissions.
  3. Please remind applicants that they should disclose any other internal proposals, for example those that route through CAHI.
  4. As department chair, you will supply a support letter for each application. If the applicant requests a course release, please indicate in your letter whether you have discussed this with the applicant, and whether you agree to the release request.
  5. In case you (as a Department Chair) are sending in an application, then please contact me directly, and I will write a support letter that substitutes for the normal Chair’s letter.


Rob de Ruyter