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College of Arts and Sciences 2013-14 Faculty Recruitment Reimbursement Guidelines

Pocessing guidelines for College departmental faculty recruitment costs are as follows:

  • Departments are expected to cover advertising costs (exceptions to this rule sometimes include searches to recruit an external chair, where unusually extensive or costly advertisements are required – Note: all exceptions must be pre-approved by the Executive Associate Dean.)
  • The College will reimburse departmental non-general accounts (DO NOT put on Departmental 10-account) for candidate interview costs for two interviewees per approved search.–  A third candidate MAY be approved, if the search pool could be further diversified through inclusion of a minority candidate.  This must be approved by the Executive Associate Dean before the visit.
  • Reimbursable candidate costs include transportation, lodging, and meal costs for the candidate only.  Departments can supplement these baseline reimbursement items using discretionary funds.  Reimbursements will not include other incidental costs such as audio visual, hospitality for reception or room rental.
  • The College will provide up to $500 for air fare or mileage if traveling by car.  Costs in excess of $500 will be the responsibility of the department to reimburse, so efforts should be made to schedule travel early.
  • We will not reimburse any hospitality other than the candidate’s meals. Departments can supplement up to the maximum University allowable hospitality guidelines (refer to website for guidance), but the Dean’s Office will only cover candidate’s meals.
  • As soon as all candidate expense receipts have been collected, the department should forward the Candidate Expense Reimbursement Form along with copies of receipts, to Alicia Swafford (Owen Hall) – no later than 60 days after the visit. NOTE:  The Dean’s Office will not reimburse delinquent requests submitted during the following fiscal year!
  • All information on the form must be completed before reimbursements can be initiated, including the FIS/KFS document references…. the campus will not approve our reimbursements if the actual charges have not hit your accounts.