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Scholarship and Fellowship payments - Non-enrolled Students

Scholarship and Fellowship payments should be made through SIS with the exception of certain circumstances as defined by campus. Please refer to the CATS presentation and documents related to this subject:

October 26, 2005
“Scholarship and Fellowship Update for IUB Fiscal Officers”

June 26, 2006
“Fellowship Definitions & Enrollment Requirements”
Supporting Form When Using FIS DV for Funding Students PDF

If you need to make a payment to a student by DV (because it meets the definition of prize/award or because the student is not enrolled), U.S. citizen or PR recipient needs to complete and return these forms to be added as a payee before you initiate the DV:

  3. Optional if the recipient wants payment by direct deposit instead of a check
    sent by U.S. mail to address on W-9: - click on ACH sign-up form