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College Budget Office Guidelines Sponsored Research Activity or Grants

Proposal development:

  • Requests for matching funds, cost shares, in kind support, or other types of College support for a grant proposal should be discussed before proposal submission with the Associate Dean for Research

Submission and Routing:

  • All College faculty grant proposals should route through the Dean’s Office for approval no less than 3 days prior to submission deadlines (including full proposal and budget)
  • College grant proposals should be routed using the electronic routing system (ERA) whenever possible
  • All cost share commitments and their funding source should be clearly identified on the route sheet of the grant proposal, as well as being specifically identified in the proposal budget narrative (including student fee remissions)
  • Federal grant proposals should request in-state fees. Proposals to non-federal funding agencies which allow full fees should request full out-of-state fees.  In cases where funding agencies which will not allow full out of state fees or any fees at all – the investigator should discuss the matter with the Associate Dean for Research.

Indirect Cost Recovery:

  • Indirect cost recovery is built into the College general fund budget and is used to support baseline operating needs, therefore not generally available for departmental use
  • Should investigators wish to request return of ICR, they should discuss the matter with their department chair.  If the department chair believes the request is in the best interest of the department he/she can bring that request to the Associate Dean for Research


  • College underwrites are provided only for primary research awards. For subcontract or pass-through awards, the PI's home department should specify one of its own accounts (not a 10 account) that will be used for the underwrite, and route the underwrite through the College Budget Office, as required by ORA. Any requests for exception should be directed to the Associate Dean for Natural and Mathematical Sciences and Research.
  • Requests for underwrites should be sent to Alita Hornick, Director of Financial Operations and Sue Weaver, Director of Budgetary Administration and include:
    1. Proposal number
    2. Name of faculty
    3. Name and type of grant (ie, research, teaching, summer program, etc.)
    4. Start and end date of grant
    5. Amount of underwrite
    6. Why you are asking for an underwrite
    7. Time period of underwrite and when we expect grant funding to start
      It should include copies of emails from grant agency saying the grant has been funded and how the paperwork is progressing, etc.
    8. How underwrite will be spent, (general - salaries [if so for whom], research expenses, both, etc.)
    9. Name and email address or phone number of program officer
    10. Any additional Information pertinent to the underwrite request
  • Note: upon College underwrite confirmation, grant accounts are typically activated within 1 day, and accumulate the pre-award underwritten expenditures. When the award funding is received, the same account continues to be used for the remainder of the current grant period.

Electronic Research Administration (ERA Routing)
IU Office of Research Administration: