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Policy on Midterm Pre-Tenure Review (2012)

  1. Tenure-track faculty members will be annually reviewed and are customarily expected to be reappointed each year up to the tenure review in year six of the probationary period. An enhanced Pre-Tenure Review conducted by the faculty member’s department or unit with a vote for reappointment shall occur midway through the probationary period. The purpose of the Review is to provide a substantive evaluation of whether the faculty member is on a satisfactory trajectory toward a positive tenure decision.
    1. Departments and units will have a written policy and set of procedures that describe the midterm pre-tenure review process consistent with College policy as set forth blow.
    2. The midterm pre-tenure review will take place no later than the third year of the probationary period.
    3. Probationary faculty members up for midterm pretenure review will prepare a dossier according to the departmental guidelines. The review should include assessments in each of three areas: research, teaching, and service. External letters are not to be solicited.
  2. Committee to Perform the Review
    1. The chair of the probationary faculty member’s tenure department will appoint a committee drawn from the tenured faculty to perform the review.
    2. The committee will ordinarily consist of at least two or three members  selected on the basis of their academic expertise or common research area with the probationary faculty member under review.
    3. The chair will share the results of the review with the faculty member in a written report and provide an opportunity to discuss the review in person.
  3. The Decision to Reappoint
    1. All tenured faculty members are eligible and expected to vote on reappointment. Departments and units may have their own requirements for voting eligibility based upon criterion of minimum FTE.
    2. The voting shall take place via secret ballot.
    3. In the case of a decision not to reappoint, departments must follow the Bloomington Faculty Council policy (currently in revision).