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Indiana University Bloomington

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Policy on Grade Minima Designed to Restrict Admissions (1992; Revised 2006)

The College Policy Committee affirms the principle that undergraduates who satisfy the minimum GPA requirements for admission to the College of Arts and Sciences should, all other things being equal, have free access to all programs within the College. Thus admission to a specific major within the College of Arts and Sciences should not be more restrictive than admission to the College. We nonetheless recognize that unusual circumstances may sometimes occur under which the restriction of admissions to the programs of a specific unit may be the most feasible solution. We therefore agree to the following conditions regarding such restrictions: a unit may temporarily restrict admissions to its programs only when unrestricted access will result in significant hardship or inequity for its faculty or students. These restrictions are subject to the approval of the Dean, who will monitor them for their effectiveness and relative necessity in controlling admissions to the unit, their effect on other units, and their effect on admissions to the College of Arts and Sciences. In restricting admission, a department may require only one of the following: a minimum overall GPA in the first 27 credit hours earned in the University Division, a minimum GPA in specific courses, or minimum grades in specific courses.