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Indiana University Bloomington

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Policy on Expectations of Tenured Faculty (1995; Revised 2006)

The College expects that each of its tenured faculty members will do the following:

  1. Maintain and sustain an agenda of significant research or creative activity as defined by the norms and standards of the faculty member’s discipline. This agenda should result, within a time frame appropriate to the discipline, either in publication, exhibition, or performance, or (in some cases) in demonstrable progress toward such productivity.
  2. Carry out effective teaching of high quality in the normal range and number of courses expected in his or her department, along with other customary and appropriate teaching and mentoring activities, such as student advising and supervision of independent learning and research.
  3. Perform effectively the normal service activities for the department, University, and profession. As with the expectations for tenure and promotion, the College looks for a pattern of productivity in these three areas of faculty activity. The goal is to bring out the best in each College faculty member. It is expected that departments will make every effort to reward strong achievement in any of these areas. If a tenured faculty member is not fulfilling expectations in one of these areas, steps will be taken to help remedy the situation or to restructure the faculty member’s responsibilities, consistent with University policy on the rights of tenured faculty members (see I-I: Code of Academic Ethics).