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Policy on Journal Support (1994; Revised 2006)

The College Policy Committee recognizes that journal editorship can significantly enhance the research mission and reputation of Indiana University, and where possible will support this service. While there is no budget line devoted to such support, the College may provide monies, space and internet resources on an ad hoc basis, subject to the following constraints and guidelines. The College expects that some support for the editorial office is provided by the journal publisher, professional organization, or host department. These may include an honorarium for the editor, support for professional staff, and rent for space. These items should be negotiated by the editor before accepting the position. Where possible, the College will contribute to meeting these needs. When seeking such support, the journal editor should make a request that includes the following information: 1) the importance of the journal and its relation to other journals in the field; 2) The ability of the journal publisher, sponsoring organization, or host department to support the editorial activities on the Bloomington campus; 3) if space for editorial staff is required, a letter from the department Chair detailing how such space can be arranged; 4) a summary of the costs (e.g., course releases or graduate support) and the benefits (e.g., enhancing the reputation of the host department or improving the ability to recruit faculty and graduate students). The final decision on support resides with the Dean of the College.