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Indiana University Bloomington

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Policy on Leaves Without Pay (1997; Revised 2006)

  1. The College recognizes that leaves without pay (LWOPs) often foster the continuing scholarly activities of the faculty. The College also recognizes that planning and securing outside funding for a LWOP takes time and includes many uncertainties. However, the financial management of the College requires a set date on which a scheduled LWOP becomes fixed and may not be canceled. Accordingly, funds made available by LWOPs will be budgeted for other purposes, as of the May 15 preceding the academic year in which the LWOPs are to occur. From that date the presumption will normally be that the faculty member will be expected to honor the scheduled LWOP.
  2. As a rule, the College discourages the use of a LWOP to accept a non-visiting position at another academic institution. Because such LWOPs tie up lines and compromise the ability of the College to fulfill obligations in teaching, advising, and research, a LWOP for this purpose will be granted by the Dean only under highly exceptional circumstances.