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Policy on Letters Solicited for Promotion and Tenure
(2001; Revised 2006, 2012)

  1. The College expects departments to seek appropriate senior reviewers with expertise in the specific disciplines or interdisciplinary areas of candidates under consideration for tenure and promotion. For all tenure and promotion cases, two lists of six names each, one from the candidate and one from the department (compiled independently), should be submitted to the Dean’s office by a specified date in the spring. The names should be identified further by institutional affiliation and accompanied by a declaration of links between the candidate and each potential referee, as well as a brief account of each referee's achievements, together with an indication of their relevance to assessment of the candidate. If possible, referees should be full professors and should not have had a close relationship with the candidate.
  2. The Dean selects three names from each of the two lists submitted plus one alternate from each list. If the Dean has questions or concerns about the lists, s/he clarifies those concerns before requests for letters are sent to the potential reviewers.
  3. 3. Once the lists have been agreed upon, the department then solicits all letters on behalf of the Dean. In accordance with campus policy, departments shall forward a minimum of six external review letters for tenure or promotion. All letters that are received are to be placed in the dossier and available to faculty who participate in departmental tenure or promotion decisions.

NOTE: The following Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs’ website may also be consulted: E. Tenure/Reappointment/Promotion/Salary.