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Policy on Suspension and Restoration of Faculty Governance in Departments and Other Units (1996; Revised 2006)

Faculty governance in the departments and other units (hereinafter "departments") of the College is not simply a faculty prerogative but is the accepted method for conducting the day-to-day business of departments and the College. Central to faculty governance are the responsibilities undertaken by Chairs and Directors as the leading representatives of their departments in negotiations with the College (see Policy on Appointment and Tenure of Unit Chairs).

Suspension of Faculty Governance

Suspensions of faculty governance by the Dean should be an exceptional event. Measures short of the suspension of governance should first be sought in consultation with faculty of the department. Faculty governance should be restored as quickly as possible whenever suspensions do occur.

Reasons for Suspension

Faculty governance within a department may be suspended under two sets of circumstances:

  1. When the faculty clearly demonstrates that it is unable or unwilling to manage the normal operations of the department.
  2. When the faculty demonstrably fails to provide scholarship and instruction commensurate with the established standards of the College, and where faculty governance can be shown to be a crucial barrier in efforts to return the department’s performance to an acceptable level.

Procedures for Suspension

The Dean is expected to involve the College Policy Committee in the process of consulting with the faculty of a department whenever the circumstances that constitute reasons for suspension occur. The following sequence of steps should be taken to provide the opportunity for resolution and arbitration prior to suspension of faculty governance:

  1. The Dean will first consult with the College Policy Committee before suspending any significant aspect of faculty governance in a department, and will present the circumstances that may warrant suspension.
  2. The College Policy Committee will coordinate discussions between the Dean and the faculty of the department in a manner that ensures all members of the faculty are afforded the opportunity to voice concerns and propose alternative solutions for consideration.
  3. The Dean and the College Policy Committee will review possible courses of action to resolve the problems identified, and discuss whether suspension of faculty governance represents the best option.
  4. If the Dean suspends faculty governance, details of the suspension and other actions related to it will be provided to the College Policy Committee, including, in accordance with a plan, proposed strategies and a schedule for restoration of faculty governance.

Restoration of Faculty Governance

A plan for restoring faculty governance within a department will be developed immediately and implemented promptly whenever faculty governance is suspended, including, as noted above, a schedule for expeditious restoration of normal governance. The restoration process may involve independent reviews by internal or external committees. It may require preparation of a set of policies, procedures, or bylaws for governing the department, which would need approval and acceptance of by both the Dean and the faculty of the department. The Dean will report regularly to the College Policy Committee on the progress toward resumption of faculty governance.