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Indiana University Bloomington

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The College Policy Committee

Who We Are

The Policy Committee is the only College of Arts and Sciences committee whose members are elected by the College faculty, rather than appointed.

The Committee consists of nine tenured or tenure-track faculty members: three from the Arts and Humanities; two from the Social and Behavioral Sciences; two from the Biological, Mathematical, and Physical Sciences; and two At Large representatives. Members are elected for three-year terms. Each year the Committee elects one of its members to serve as Chair and another to serve as Secretary.

The Committee operates under a Constitution last revised in February, 2007.

What We Do

The Committee’s primary duties are to represent the College faculty in the formulation of College of Arts and Sciences policies and to monitor their impact. The Committee advises the Dean and the faculty on issues of concern to the College and the campus, including matters requiring faculty action. The Policy Committee also serves as the Budgetary Affairs Committee of the College and advises the Dean on budgetary matters.

To Contact Us

Any faculty member or student in the College may refer questions or proposals to the Policy Committee. Simply contact any of the current members by telephone, e-mail, or in writing.