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Undergraduate Curricular Information

This site provides information for faculty and departments in the College of Arts and Sciences on how to revise existing courses and degree programs and propose new ones. It also describes the process for requesting that a particular course receive various kinds of credit (CASE Breadth of Inquiry, CASE Culture Studies, CASE Intensive Writing, CASE Critical Approaches). Finally, it provides links to helpful websites. More detailed information on some of these items can be found in the 2015-2016 College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin.

This site does not cover courses or policies for the campus-wide General Education Curriculum that went into effect in Summer 2011, nor does it discuss the ongoing fall initiative, Themester, that allows students and faculty to engage in a campus-wide discussion of a pre-selected, interdisciplinary topic. See the Themester website for information on Themester proposals and events. For information on the General Education Curriculum, see the 2015-16 Indiana University Bloomington General Education Bulletin.

Assessment Tools for Instructors