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CASE Intensive Writing Credit

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When applying for CASE Intensive Writing credit, please remember the following:

  • check the attachment for a list of courses with standing approval from the College to carry CASE IW on the Bloomington campus. Each time a CASE IW class is scheduled, the department's scheduling officer must notify the Registrar (by using standard note 32, adding the Registrar's Report Code Value "BLIW," and placing a check mark on the IW requirement designation line) that the section is offered for CASE IW credit.
  • the BLIW Report Code places the course on the Registrar's Special Course Listings website, which lists the classes that carry CASE IW credit in a given semester; departments have the discretion to schedule IW qualified courses as conventional non-IW classes when circumstances demand. This occurs most often when a qualified instructor is not available, when a regular member of the faculty is unwilling to teach a course that conforms to the IW requirements, or when there is a pent up demand for a particular course and the 25 student IW enrollment cap adversely impacts a large number of students who need the course to meet other requirements.

To submit a new request for a course to carry CASE Intensive Writing credit, please complete the appropriate CASE designation form.