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CASE Intensive Writing Credit

The purpose of the CASE Intensive Writing (IW) requirement is to provide students with practice in writing, preferably in their major field, under the direction of an instructor well-acquainted with the standards of good writing in that discipline.

CASE Intensive Writing courses must be taught at the 200 level or above by a qualified instructor. In most cases, the instructor will be a full-time member of the faculty; under unusual circumstances, the instructor may be a visitor or an advanced graduate student working under the close supervision of a full-time faculty member. Faculty members are encouraged to use the resources of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning (CITL) Writing Program, and all visitors and graduate students assigned to teach IW courses will be expected to attend an orientation and training session conducted by that program.

To meet CASE IW guidelines courses must require at least 5,000 words (roughly 20 typed pages) of original work, not counting revisions, essay examinations, or informal writing exercises such as, journal or blog entries, or reading responses). Students must receive periodic evaluations of their writing, and they must be required to redraft one or more papers in light of the instructor’s comments. Ordinarily, students will write a series of papers over the course of a semester, not one long term paper. A single long paper (for example, an honors thesis) may be acceptable, however, if it is drafted in sections that are reviewed during the semester and if the entire paper is extensively revised at least once before the course ends.

The instructor must provide editorial commentary and writing advice that addresses both the subject matter of a paper and the analysis and presentation of this subject matter, recognizing that these entities are always intertwined.

Classes designated for standing CASE IW credit are limited to no more than 25 students. In larger classes, a small number of seats may be set aside for students who will fulfill an IW component in conjunction with the regularly assigned work in the course. That is, with prior approval of the College, faculty may allow up to 25 students in a larger class to fulfill their IW requirement by completing additional assignments that will bring the general written requirements of the course up to the standards for CASE IW classes.

**Note: Beginning in the summer of 2012 only one grade will be assigned for Intensive Writing courses. Instructors need to bear in mind that a passing grade in an Intensive Writing course indicates that the instructor is not only satisfied with the student’s familiarity and mastery with the course material, but also satisfied that the student has achieved a sufficient level of skill to write cogently and persuasively about the subject.

With departmental and College approval, students may meet the requirement in conjunction with individualized readings courses, supervised research, or honors theses, as long as the total amount of writing, the structure of the writing assignments, and the criticism provided by the faculty member all meet the guidelines for CASE IW. Download the necessary form—Proposal to Satisfy Intensive Writing by Special Arrangement—The proposal must be filled out and signed by the course instructor and endorsed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the student’s major department. The request is then evaluated by the College, and the student will be notified of approval or denial.  Special Arrangements for Intensive Writing will be not awarded for courses taken for fewer than 3 credit hours or for courses with fewer than six weeks of scheduled instruction.

CASE Intensive Writing credit will not be awarded for written work in courses not listed as carrying CASE Intensive Writing. Special arrangements must be completed and approved by the College by the end of the second week of instruction for conventional semester-length classes, by the end of the first week of a particular eight-week session, and by the end of the third day of instruction for classes taught in a particular summer session.

The College of Arts and Sciences CASE IW requirement must be completed on the Bloomington campus. Only in exceptional circumstances when students can demonstrate that they are unable to enroll in an appropriate course on the Bloomington campus will the College consider granting IW credit for a course completed at another IU campus or transfer work from another institution. Download the necessary form—Proposal to Satisfy CASE Intensive Writing with a Course Taken at Another IU Campus.

In order to request such an exception, students must complete and submit the request form first to their major department. The request must be accompanied by evidence that a student successfully completed writing assignments comparable to those employed in the department’s own IW courses; the form describes the materials students should include with their request. The Director of Undergraduate Studies in the student’s major conducts the first review of such requests, evaluating the papers prepared for the course, noting the types of writing assignments the student completed, the nature of the feedback provided by the instructor for the course, and the sort of adjustments and changes that the student made in response to editorial commentary in later assignments and revisions. In signing and submitting the approval form the Director of Undergraduate Studies is officially requesting in writing that the student be granted CASE IW credit for transfer work. Course work from another campus of IU may be considered for CASE IW credit if the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the student’s major department specifically requests it in writing. If the course is endorsed as CASE IW by the student’s major department, the request is then evaluated by the College, and the student will be notified of approval or denial.

Please remember the following:

  • check online for a list of courses with standing approval from the College to carry CASE IW on the Bloomington campus. Each time a CASE IW class is scheduled, the department’s scheduling officer must notify the Registrar (by using standard note 32, adding the Registrar’s Report Code Value “BLIW,” and placing a check mark on the IW requirement designation line) that the section is offered for CASE IW credit.
  • the BLIW Report Code places the CASE IW course on the Registrar’s Special Course Listings website, which lists the classes that carry CASE IW credit in a given semester; departments have the discretion to schedule IW qualified courses as conventional non-IW classes when circumstances demand. This occurs most often when a qualified instructor is not available, when a regular member of the faculty is unwilling to teach a course that conforms to the IW requirements, or when there is a pent up demand for a particular course and the 25 student IW enrollment cap adversely impacts a large number of students who need the course to meet other requirements.

To submit a new request for a course to carry CASE Intensive Writing credit, please complete the appropriate form.