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English Classes for Graduate Students

These courses, offered through the Department of Second Language Studies, help graduate students succeed in their work in the academic community both as scholars and as associate instructors. Check the course catalog to see which topics are offered this semester.

Improving Comprehensibility for Graduate Students:
Stress and Intonation in English

( 2 credit, 8-weeks) This course helps non-native speakers of English to communicate effectively in academic settings and to improve critical listening skills. The class focuses on three important aspects of pronunciation: stress, rhythm, and intonation.

Improving Comprehensibility for Graduate Students:
The Sound System of English

This course familiarizes students with the basic features of the sounds of American English. The course also helps students improve their listening comprehension including understanding the common speech patterns of American undergraduate students. Emphasis is placed on helping students to evaluate their own pronunciation and develop strategies for improvement.

Academic Speaking for International Graduate Students
(2 credit, 8 weeks) This course helps students develop the speaking and listening skills required for successful participation in graduate courses. The course focuses on students’ ability to participate in academic talk including responding to the contributions of others, making contributions to and leading discussions, and giving academic presentations.

Academic Writing for International Graduate Students
(3 cr. Semester format) The course helps students reach levels of writing acceptable for American graduate schools. Using topics from their academic areas, students are guided through several kinds of academic writing culminating in a 10 – 15 page research paper.

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