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Eight Strategies to Compensate for Accent

  1. Clearly state the purpose of the lesson.
  2. Put an outline on the board and refer to it throughout the lesson.
    • "This is what we are doing today"
    • "First..."
    • "Then..."
    • "Finally..."
  3. Make clear transitions between parts of the lesson.
    • "First," "next," "finally..."
    • "Now that we’ve talked about________, let’s move onto______."
    • "OK. That’s the theory, now let’s take a look at__________."
  4. Pause before and after important information.
  5. Use signal words to emphasize important information.
    • "The crucial thing to remember is..."
    • "OK, now this is important..."
    • "This is a bit tricky, so pay attention."
  6. Paraphrase important information. In other words, say it more than one way.
  7. Streeeeetch the vooooowels in impooooooooortant words
  8. Frequently check student understanding by involving students in the lesson.
    • "Who can tell me the next step?"
    • "What number can I plug in here?"
    • "Can someone give me an example?"