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A Dozen Tips for Success in the Classroom

  1. Arrive a few minutes early and stay a few minutes after class.
  2. Address students by name.
  3. Get to know your students personally. One way to do this is to give back assignments individually.
  4. Prepare lesson ahead of time.
  5. Begin with an outline of the lesson. Refer to it as you move through the lesson.
  6. Make use of blackboard or other visuals.
  7. Relate the lesson to previous knowledge or practical applications.
  8. Use analogies and examples related to students experience.
  9. Anticipate the trickiest part of the lesson and devise strategies to help students understand.
  10. Use interactive teaching to involve students in their learning.
  11. Periodically check that students are following the lesson.
  12. Summarize key ideas at the end of the lesson.