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Graduate Awards for Continuing Students

The College Graduate Office administers the following awards for continuing graduate students:

Please visit here for additional award opportunities not administered by The College Graduate Office.

College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Research Fellowships

College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Research Fellowships are intended to assist advanced graduate students in the College to make significant progress on their dissertations. For 2014-2015, the fellowship stipends will be $20,000 each. During the fellowship year, students have the opportunity to focus full-time on their dissertation research and writing. Students must be formally admitted to Ph.D. candidacy by January 17, 2014 to be eligible for the fellowship. The fellowships do include student health insurance, but do not include fee remissions; and students generally are not permitted to accept other appointments, fellowships, or outside employment during the fellowship year.

The College is offering additional Dissertation Completion Fellowships in the humanities and humanistic social sciences for students in the College who will complete their dissertations before the start of the fall 2015 semester. Each Dissertation Completion fellowship will carry a stipend of $25,000 plus health insurance. There are no fee remissions included with this award.

Dissertation Completion Fellowships were funded by the Provost to help students complete their graduate degrees in a timely way (within seven years). To be eligible for a Dissertation Completion Fellowship, College graduate students must be formally admitted to candidacy in a Ph.D. program in an eligible department, have matriculated into a graduate program in fall 2008 or later, and expect to complete their degree before the beginning of the 2015 fall term. Students should be eligible for or enrolled in G901. One credit fee scholarships will be available in summer 2015 for fellowship students completing their degrees during the summer. As with College of Arts and Sciences Dissertation Year Research Fellowships, students are generally not permitted to accept other appointments, fellowships, or outside employment during the fellowship year. Students receiving Dissertation Completion Fellowships will not be eligible for additional student appointments from the College of Arts and Sciences following the fellowship year. Students who file their dissertations during the fellowship year may under certain circumstances, be eligible for Lecturer positions in the College.

*Please note that students who are currently on probation or on leave are not eligible to apply.

Deadline for departments to submit rankings: January 17, 2014

Dissertation Year Research Fellowship Application

  • This application is a fillable PDF. Students should first save the PDF before filling it in; once completed, they should save the application and then forward it to their department for review by the departmentís internal deadline.
  • Students applying for either of these awards will be required to submit two letters of recommendation. Recommenders should forward their letters of recommendation directly to their department by the internal deadline.

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College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Student Travel Award

The College will host two travel award competitions  for the 2013-2014 academic school year. One will be held in the fall term and one will be held in the spring term. Each department will set its own internal deadlines for review of its students’ applications.

For consideration, please apply during the following timelines:

  • For travel during July 2013 through December 2013, apply for the fall travel award. This award has already been completed for the 2013-2014 academic year.
  • For travel during January 2014 through August 2014, apply for the spring travel award. Please note that the application timeline for the spring 2014 award has been amended to include the summer 2014 term.

Students should submit their applications directly to their department using the PDF below. Important: Please save the PDF to your desktop or to file before filling it out and then again after it is completed. This will ensure that the fields will be viewable to committee members. Departments must submit their three ranked nominations to the College by the following deadlines. Each department is allowed to rank up to three applications.


  • October 15, 2013 for the fall travel award
  • April 15, 2014 for the spring travel award

Travel Award Application

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Dolores Zohrab Liebmann Fellowship

The will of Dolores Zohrab Liebmann created a perpetual charitable trust for the purpose of funding advanced education and graduate study grants, as well as for independent research or study projects carried out in the United States. Dolores Zohrab Liebmann The fellowship covers the cost of tuition, includes a stipend, and is renewable for a maximum of three years. Contingent upon invitation by the national trust, the College is eligible to nominate three graduate students who have outstanding undergraduate records, demonstrated a need for financial assistance and are citizens of the United States to the University Graduate School. The University Graduate School will select three nominees among those put forth by the various schools of Indiana University to advance to the national competition. Please notify your department of your interest in this fellowship.

Complete department nominations should be submitted to the College Graduate Office by Monday, January 6, 2014. The College will review those applications and select the top three to forward on to the University Graduate School, by the January 10, 2014 deadline.

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John H. Edwards Fellowships

The John H. Edwards Fellowship is one of Indiana University’s most prestigious academic awards. The graduate division of the College of Arts and Sciences may nominate up to three candidates each year for the committee’s consideration. The John H. Edwards Fellowships, in accordance with the bequest, will be awarded on the following basis:

Good citizenship, character, especially attitude toward public service and the likelihood of future usefulness to society, scholastic ability, intellectual capacity, and upon such other bases and qualifications, and in such manner, as the Trustees of Indiana University in their discretion and judgment may determine from time to time, but always without regard to consideration of religion, creed, race, national origin, color, sex, or political affiliation.

The committee interprets the above paragraph to denote for consideration superior scholastic ability and intellectual capacity, and good citizenship and character, including attitude toward Indiana University and community service as demonstrated by actual service. Consistent with Indiana University policy, nominations for this award should be made without regard to sexual orientation or disability. In January of each year the College invites its graduate programs to nominate outstanding students for the Edwards Fellowships. Please notify your department of your interest in receiving this fellowship.

Deadline: February 7, 2014

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McCormick Science Grants

The McCormick Science Grant Fund was established by Dr. Charles O. McCormick III to support basic science research and to honor Dr. McCormick’s grandfather and father. The donor has asked the College to award annually two grants of $2,500 each to the graduate student member of a faculty/graduate student team whose research, either in progress or proposed, is judged to be most creative, visionary, and innovative. The disciplines of astronomy, biology, biochemistry, botany, chemistry, geological sciences, microbiology, physics, and zoology will be eligible to submit one nominee each per year.

Each February, the College invites each of the science programs named above to submit one student nomination. Please notify your department of your interest in applying for this grant.

Complete department nominations will be accepted from February 3, 2014 to March 3, 2014.

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