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Graduate Student Academic Affairs

IU Graduate Bulletin Handbook for Student Academic Appointees Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct
  • College Graduate Student Appeal and Grievance Procedures
    The College Graduate Office is available to assist students with appeals of academic misconduct charges and when they believe that their rights as a student have been violated.
  • Course Registration
  • Graduate Awards
    The College Graduate Office administers a variety of fellowships and awards for continuing graduate students.
  • Leave of Absence
    The College is committed to the success of its students and has established the College Graduate Student Leave of Absence as a guideline that provides all College graduate students with an opportunity to take care of uncontrollable events that interfere with a student's ability to work towards a degree.
  • Record Changes (Transfer credit, grade changes, status changes, withdrawals, etc.)
  • Probations, Grievances, and Appeals - See also College of Arts and Sciences Regulations and General Requirements for graduate programs.
  • Recognizing and Avoiding Plagiarism
    The College expects all students-undergraduate and graduate-to act with integrity in the work they produce. In like manner, we ask that our instructors provide students with clearly articulated information on expectations and the consequences for citing inappropriately or otherwise exhibiting academic misconduct