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Resources for Prospective Students

Graduate Student Life at Indiana University
  • Preparing for Graduate School  Interested in continuing your education in graduate school?  The College of Arts and Sciences at IU offers exciting opportunities in the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics.  But be sure that graduate school is the right option for you.  Check out resources at the Indiana University Graduate School and the IU Career Development Center.
  • Apply for Admission
    Before you apply, explore some of the more than 60 graduate programs in the IU College of Arts and Sciences.  Each of those programs would be happy to provide further information and to answer questions about their program.
  • Graduate Student Support
    When you apply for graduate study within the College of Arts and Sciences, you are automatically considered for associate instructorships and fellowships in the department or program where you will pursue your advanced degree. For information about graduate student support, contact the director of graduate studies in your academic area.