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Online Guided Reading of James Joyce’s Ulysses

UlyssesUlysses by James Joyce

Join Professor Stephen Watt of the Department of English in an online guided reading of James Joyce’s masterpiece.

The conversation begins September 20. Register here.

Stephen Watt, professor of English and former associate dean of the College, is an expert in 20th-century Irish literature and drama and an avid James Joyce fan who believes Ulysses—arguably the most influential novel in English of the 20th century—is a work that can and should be widely read and enjoyed.

Beginning on Thursday, September 20 at 8 p.m. (EST), Professor Watt will guide readers in lively, real-time, online exploration of one of the most talked- about books of all time. You can be a member of this exclusive reading group--no matter where you are. Just follow the simple instructions for online participation that will be sent when you register.

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