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Issues Competition

Issues Delegate Registration Form
Teachers, print this form, fill it out, and mail it to Tina Gilliland.


To recognize students with the ability to cogently and persuasively present their opinions on a scientific issue.


Please fill out completely the Issues Delegate Registration Formand return no later than October 5, 2015. One student presenter and on student judge from each school may participate.


Presenting delegates are to educate themselves as to the scientific and social issues related to the topic below, and prepare a five-minute presentation, prior to attending the meeting. No visual aids may be used.

Judging delegates need not prepare, but familiarity with the topic may give them a better basis for judgment.

  1. At Registration, delegates will be assigned to "regions." Finalists will be selected from each region room based upon their performance versus the other delegates in that room.. Finalists are selected by peer judges and the one undergraduate judge assigned to the region.
  2. The finalists will give a second presentation in the afternoon. A panel of teacher judges, College of Arts & Sciences faculty, staff, and undergraduate judges will score the presentations and select the most outstanding presentation.
  1. Finalists will be recognized and each will receive a certificate.
  2. The top two students will receive a plaques.

This Year’s Topic:

Should we look to biotechnology to ensure our current and future food security?