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Indiana University Bloomington

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The College Office of Science Outreach (OSO) is a resource for College faculty and students developing science educational outreach programs as part of their research pursuits. To that end the OSO:

  • serves as a hub for students of all ages and backgrounds to connect with and participate in science in order to promote diversity, awareness, and accessibility of science for everyone;
  • provides support for College and pre-College students in or interested in the sciences;
  • advances interdisciplinary works that draw upon scientific endeavors, and creative activities and scholarship from diverse academic fields.

The Office of Science Outreach connects with area schools and the community by offering science activities and opportunities on the IUB campus. Activities include pre-college summer camps/workshops, departmental open houses, facility tours, and hands-on activities in elementary classrooms. We also host state and national science competitions and participate in events that promote and celebrate science. Our educational programs offer training and resources to science teachers including interactive lesson plans that meet science standards and the Science Speakers Bureau. Our undergraduates have opportunities to conduct research with faculty mentors and to earn research and travel scholarships. These opportunities for professional development as well as participation in student service organizations related to science research and outreach enrich the educational experience.