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Indiana Science Olympiad

Science Olympiad

What Is Science Olympiad?

Are you looking for an educational opportunity that will meet all of your students' needs, add new science activities to your lesson book, and make your classroom even more fun? Then check out Science Olympiad!

The Science Olympiad is an exciting, hands-on science competition for middle and high school students. More than 30 events cover all the science disciplines (including math), and many require teamwork and cooperation. For example, the event called "Egg-O-Naut" students will construct rockets designed to carry a raw Grade A large chicken egg, stay aloft the greatest amount of time and return to earth without breaking the egg.  Other events involve: solving a mysterious crime using qualitative analysis, water testing, and fingerprint analysis; designing and building the most efficient bridge; and demonstrating knowledge of anatomy and physiology. With more than 30 events, your students will certainly be challenged to learn many science concepts in a variety of disciplines and have fun doing it!

In the true spirit of the Olympics, individual winners in each event are awarded Olympic-style medals. But teamwork is also very important: only teams (not individuals) earn the right to advance to the state tournament. Indiana schools are invited and encouraged to join Science Olympiad by fielding a team of up to 15 students to compete in one of the 9 Indiana regional tournaments.  For membership information go to the Indiana Science Olympiad website.

Who Can Compete in Science Olympiad?

Currently, the Indiana Science Olympiad is comprised of two divisions:

  • Division B: grades 6-9
  • Division C: grades 9-12

Science Olympiad State Tournament

This nationally recognized academic competition champions teamwork and ignites student excitement for learning science. Indiana middle and high schools can field teams to compete in individual and team events requiring knowledge of science concepts, processes, and applications. Regional winners advance to the state tournament often held on the IU Bloomington campus. 

For state tournament Information, visit our tournament website.

Science Olympiad State Tournament Results

Results for tournaments held at Indiana University Bloomington from 2004 to present: