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Integrated Freshman Learning Experience (IFLE)

IFLE integrates the study and research in biology, biochemistry and neuroscience in two unique phases.

Who qualifies?

  • Incoming IU freshmen with a strong interest in scientific research.
  • Students with identified major on the SSA in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, microbiology, or neuroscience, although others may be considered on a case by case basis and fit within program parameters.
  • IFLE utilizes the Selective Scholarship Application (SSA). See the Apply page for details regarding academic eligibility.

What is the Cost?

  • Summer housing and meals are provided at no cost.
  • Academic year housing and meal expenses will be at the regular IU rate and your responsibility.
  • Eligible students will receive a $1000 scholarship during the academic freshman year if enrolled both H111 and H112.

Phase 1: Summer Research        
July 20 – July 29, 2016

IFLE students will spend six to eight hours weekdays in a research lab. They will receive research training from their faculty mentor and lab members. Students often begin with reading and discussing current research papers published by the lab to get a better understanding of the focus of the lab research. They will be given a specific project to work on during the six weeks.

Students will gather weekly with the IFLE academic faculty. To gain experience with writing and presenting research findings, students will present a lab technique to the group, participate in academic discussions, write a research outline on their research project, and present their research at a closing program. Additional activities include lab safety training, facility tours, exposure to current research through lunches with IU faculty, among others. The informal and small setting offers discussion and question and answer opportunities.

During evenings and weekends, students have plenty of free time.  However, Undergraduate Student Mentors, all former IFLE participants, provide activities and events to help students get to know each other and to learn more about campus and the Bloomington community.

  • Become part of a research lab at IU for six weeks before college begins, choosing a lab that matches your interests.
  • Work on an independent project with mentoring from faculty and graduate students.
  • Learn to present your research in written and oral presentation form.
  • Gain exposure to ongoing research and IU facilities through tours and talks.
  • Learn your way around campus
  • Summer housing in an IU dorm along with a meal plan are provided at no cost

2015-16 IFLE Scholars

Phase 2: Academic Freshman Year Research-based Honors Course

  • Eight-credit course includes lectures with corresponding lab components
  • Three modules proceed from genes to proteins to cellular systems.
  • Inquiry-based format engages students through group experiments.

After IFLE: What's Next?

The IFLE summer research and honors course provide excellent preparation for future courses. The academic IFLE courses fulfill the requirements for L112 and L113.

IFLE students have the option of continuing in their research lab or exploring a different lab.

Biology, Biochemistry and Psychology/Neuroscience departments offer course credit for lab research through an Individual Study program.

Students may apply to STARS (Science, Technology, and Research Scholars) during the spring of the freshman year. Accepted students would join STARS beginning sophomore year. To be eligible, students must be active in a research lab. Some IFLE scholars are permitted to join STARS immediately following the IFLE summer component if approved by the directors.