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Critical Approaches

Critical Approaches Course ListsStudents with a Topics requirement in their degree program who have not yet fulfilled that Topics requirement  must take a Critical Approaches course instead.

Courses in Critical Approaches (CAPP) are intended to help first- and second-year students begin to develop an understanding of the fundamental questions asked and methods employed by the various departments and programs in the College. Rather than focusing on depth of coverage, Critical Approaches courses introduce students to the different kinds of scholarship that take place in a university.

Through these courses, students learn about the ways particular disciplines seek answers, solve problems, and organize ideas. Alternatively, these courses can demonstrate the merits of viewing a problem from an interdisciplinary or a multidisciplinary perspective. CAPP courses also teach students how to seek information from various sources, evaluate the validity of that information, and construct arguments. One of the main objectives of these courses is to instill sound research and writing practices that students will employ in their future undergraduate coursework.

Any student who is a candidate for a Bachelor’s degree offered by the College is required to complete one Critical Approaches course on the Bloomington campus.  This includes students who transfer from other IU Bloomington schools, from other IU campuses, and from other institutions.