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Undergraduate Academic Bulletin

What is a Bulletin?

The Bulletin and its supplement tell you what you need to do to graduate from the College of Arts and Sciences. They are the official sources of information regarding degree requirements, rules and regulations, programs of study, courses, and opportunities within and outside of individual departments and programs. Becoming familiar with the Bulletin is perhaps the best thing you can do to learn about the amazing offerings of the College and to make the most of a College of Arts and Sciences education. We strongly encourage you to think of the Bulletin not as a one-time resource but, rather, as a document to return to repeatedly over a several-year period. Reading the Bulletin will save you time by letting you know in advance just what is expected of you. After you read (and reread) the Bulletin, you should set up an appointment to talk with the advisors in any major, minor, or certificate that might be of interest. You should also explore the web sites of the departments and programs that offer these degrees.

Which Bulletin or Supplement Should You Use?

Because the Bulletin and its supplement describe the requirements in place at a particular time, you should familiarize yourself with the Bulletin or supplement that was in effect when you matriculated into Indiana University as a degree-seeking student. For instance, students entering the university in the summer or fall of 2015 are held to the requirements laid out in the 2015-2016 Bulletin of the College of Arts and Sciences. For questions regarding which Bulletin or supplement to use, please consult the College Recorder’s Office, (812) 855-1821 or coasrecd at The requirements outlined in the Bulletin or supplement in effect at the time of your matriculation will remain constant throughout your time in the College, assuming you graduate within eight years.

Is there an Alternative to Viewing the Bulletin On-Line?

You can print copies of individual pages of the electronic version. You can also print a PDF of the entire document (over 400 pages).