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Indiana University Bloomington

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How to Enter the College

Are you a Prospective Freshman?

The first step is to gain admission to IU Bloomington.  Once admitted, most undergraduate students begin their studies in the University Division, where they complete requirements for entrance into the College.  Incoming freshmen with records of academic excellence and a demonstrated commitment to studies in the arts, humanities, languages, mathematics, sciences, and social sciences may be invited to apply for College Direct Admission.

What is University Division?
University Division (UD) is the first “academic home” for the majority of new undergraduate students arriving on the Indiana University Bloomington campus each semester.  Students remain in UD until they complete requirements for entrance into a major in a degree-granting school.  For many UD students, this is at the end of their first year on campus. More»

Are you a current IU student in University Division?

When students in the University Division have satisfied the entry requirements (see below), they will enter the major department listed on their record *. To declare or change their intended major, students should see their advisor in the University Division.

Entry requirements:

  • complete 26 credit hours of course work that can count toward a degree in the College
  • maintain a minimum cumulative College grade point average of 2.000
  • maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.000 in the intended major
  • satisfy the CASE English Composition Requirement

*  Students without majors (Exploratory) can only enter the College if they have 55 or fewer hours on their transcript. More»

Are you a current IU student in another school on the Bloomington campus?

You must fulfill the same College entry requirements as University Division students.  To declare a major in the College of Arts and Sciences, please make an appointment with the academic advisor in your desired major department. College Undergraduate Advisors List

Are you a current student at a different IU campus?

If you are currently enrolled at another IU campus and would like a permanent transfer to IU Bloomington, review our intercampus admission standards and application and see how you gain admission to your chosen major or program.

Are you a current student at another institution?

You must first apply for admission to IU as a transfer student. After you have been admitted,  your application will be evaluated for either University Division or the College of Arts and Sciences.