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CASE Degree Requirements

Students who entered IU before summer 2011 should consult this information.

Faculty members in the College of Arts and Sciences have thought about the components of your degree very carefully, and have created a structure to guide you as you explore the rich educational opportunities in the College. For a student new to Indiana University, satisfying the College of Arts and Sciences Education (CASE) requirements to earn your degree can seem like gathering and packing items you need for an academic expedition, but not really knowing what is essential. So, we’ve identified for you what items you MUST put into your suitcase (and that’s why they are called CASE requirements: College of Arts and Sciences Education requirements).

As you will see when you click on the items below, there are many, many ways to fulfill each of your CASE requirements. Because students have a wide variety of interests and because there are many ways to fulfill each degree requirement in the College, no two degrees will look exactly alike, but all will share this foundational structure. Begin with the items you need to pack for your College trip and you can create a coherent degree program that will also reflect your interests, your strengths, and your efforts.

CASE Requirements CASE Social & Historical Studies CASE Critical Approaches CASE Arts & Humanities CASE Natural & Mathematical Sciences CASE Intensive Writing CASE Major CASE Public Oral Communication CASE Foreign Language CASE Culture Studies: Diversity in the U.S. CASE English Composition CASE Mathematical Modeling CASE Culture Studies: Global Civilizations and Cultures

Other Requirements and Electives need to be packed as well. Students must complete a minimum of 120 credit hours to graduate, of which at least 100 credit hours must be earned in courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. Students may select the remaining 20 credit hours from courses offered in the College or by other schools on campus. There are also requirements for junior and senior level hours as well as residency. Please see your academic advisor and access your AAR (Academic Advisement Report) via OneStart to get individual and up-to-date information for your degree plans, including those required by the IUB’s General Education Curriculum.

The College B.A. Completion Chart depicts the requirements for a B.A. degree from the College.