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Indiana University Bloomington


IU STARS/IFLE Mentors - Geological Sciences

Rebecca Barthelmie
Renewable energy, Atmospheric Chemistry, Climate Change

Simon Brassel
Research focused on deciphering biogeochemical responses to climatic and environmental change that are preserved in the occurrence, abundance, and isotopic composition of organic matter in sediments.

James G. Brophy
Research interest centers around the chemical and physical processes involved in magmatic differentiation. My work utilizes a wide range of techniques and approaches including geologic field mapping, petrologic and geochemical analysis (major and minor element geochemistry, electron micro-probe) and fluid dynamic modeling.  Another area of interest is one-atmosphere experimental petrology.

Bruce Douglas
Research focused on developing an understanding of various deformation mechanisms that are active in the brittle and ductile portions of the lithosphere. Projects involve both laboratory and field based investigations; all projects typically combine either experimental or theoretical modeling with field or natural samples and site-specific data sets.

Michael Hamburger
Research interests include seismotectonics, dynamics of earthquake and volcanic processes, and application of satellite geodetic measurements to geodynamic problems. He currently has active research programs in the subduction zone environment of the Philippine island arc, as well as in zones of continental extension in the Long Valley Caldera region of California and the intraplate environment of the central U.S.

Claudia Johnson
The focus of my research is to evaluate evolutionary processes in the paleotropics. The tropical reef ecosystem provides the empirical database that I analyze using statistical methods. I then synthesize patterns and processes affecting reef evolution and demise, and evaluate the biotic changes in the context of the tropical ocean-climate system. At present, I examine reefs that evolved under Cretaceous “greenhouse”, Pleistocene “icehouse” and Oligocene transitional climate states.

Gary Pavlis
Direct imaging with teleseismic wavefields, Southeast Caribbean Plate Margin, St. Elias Erosion and Tectonics Project (STEEP)

David Polly
Vetebrate paleontology

Lisa Pratt
Geomicrobiology of sulfate-reducing microorganismss, Biotic and abiotic fractionation of sulfur isotopes in modern and ancient oceans and lakes, Influence of wildfire on carbon isotopic excursions during the Cretaceous, Fate of complex organic molecules on the surface of Mars

Sara Pryor
Atmospheric Chemistry, Atmosphere-Surface Exchange, Climate Change

Juergen Schieber
Early diagenetic mineral formation in shales. Preservation of microbes in mudstones. Provenance of quartz in mudstones.

Bob Wintsch 
Metamorphic Petrology, Structural Petrology, Tectonics, Geochronology