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Indiana University Bloomington


STARS Undergraduate Research Program

Program Details

Students invited to participate in STARS will begin working in the lab starting the fall semester of their freshman year. STARS students are expected to spend approximately ten hours per week in the lab. They will receive research training from their faculty mentor and lab members. Students often begin reading and discussing current research papers published by the lab and working with a lab member on a current project. As skills and understanding increase, students will begin developing their own projects. STARS research experience provides excellent preparation for graduate school and science careers. Many STARS scholars become co-authors on publications and present research at conferences.

STARS accepts a limited number of students to begin as sophomores. The application process is held in February of freshman year. Students must be active in a research lab in order to be eligible.

Who qualifies?

Incoming IU freshmen with a strong interest in scientific research

Students with identified major in Anthropology, Astronomy, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Cognitive Science, Geography, Geological Sciences, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology, or Speech and Hearing Sciences. STARS utilizes the Selective Scholarship Application (SSA).

See the Apply page for details regarding academic eligibility.

Selection Process

A group of finalists is selected from the Selective Scholarship Applicants who checked the STARS box.

Finalists must spend a day on the Bloomington campus interviewing with potential faculty mentors.

STARS offers with final mentor assignments are made to individuals selected from pool of finalists.

For more application information, see the Apply page.