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  • NCUSCR CHINA Town Hall on "China's Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S."

    06:30 p.m. - 09:00 p.m.
    Room 1112, Global and International Studies Building

    Nationally webcast panel will discuss and hold Q&A on "China's Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S." The panel will be preceded and followed by discussion from commentators here at IU. The national panel is to include Robert Rubin, Former Secretary of the Treasury; Sheldon Day, Mayor of Thomasville, Alabama; and Daniel Rosen, Founding Partner at Rhodium Group. Local speakers include Fu Jun, Executive Dean at Peking University's School of Government; Zhang Jian, Director of International Affairs at Peking University's School of Government; and Russell Menyhart, Of Counsel at Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP.

  • The Iran Nuclear Agreement: Regional Implications

    05:00 - 06:00 p.m.
    Maurer School of Law, Room 122.

    The Center on American and Global Security and the Center for the Study of the Middle East present the second in a four-part series on the Iran nuclear agreement. F. Gregory Gause, III from Texas A&M University discusses the regional implications of the agreement.

  • Dr. Balint Magyar: "The Hungarian Post-Communist Mafia State"

    05:00 p.m. - 06:00 p.m.
    TBA (awaiting room assignment in the Global & International Studies Bldg, 355 N. Jordan Ave.)

    "The post-communist Mafia state, the organized criminal upperworld is far removed from the world of anomalies of party funding, the simple forms of corruption and the organized underworld’s attempts to influence political decisions. The relationships have now been reversed: it is no longer the case that private wealth is acquired to help a party’s need for financial support to be gained from illegitimate sources; rather a political party’s decision-making potential is used here to requisition private property. It is no longer the case that a hidden underworld seeks to corrupt decision-making processes; rather inherently purposeful illegitimate special interests are aligned here with legislative measures and governance. It is no longer a business venture that captures the state, but a political venture that becomes the topmost business venture as well. There are hardly any areas where activities of the government would not be subject to considerations of power and wealth accumulation by the adopted political family. The Mafia state is a privatized form of a parasite state, an economic venture belonging to the adopted political family managed through the bloodlessly coercive and illegitimate instruments of public authority."

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