K. Allen Davis

Teaching Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

IU Bloomington


Dr. Allen Davis is a Teaching Professor and the Director of the Basic Language Program in Spanish. As Director, he oversees the administration and execution of the program’s five first- and second-year introductory Spanish courses (S100, S150, S105, S200, and S250). He aids with the pedagogical training of graduate students/Associate Instructors during their incoming orientation to the program and throughout the year and teaches various courses in the department’s curriculum, including graduate Teaching Methods (S517), Spanish Phonetics (S495), Spanish Composition and Conversation (S308), and Second-Semester Second-Year Spanish (S250). He is a member of the Faculty Academy on Excellence in Teaching (FACET) and serves on various committees in the department, college, and university in service to both students and faculty. His research interests lie in phonetics and phonology, especially the role of musical aptitude in pronunciation learning and individual differences in language acquisition.