Kovener Teaching Fellows Program

Portrait of Richard Henne-Ochoa.

Richard Henne-Ochoa

Director, American Indian Studies Research Institute

Richard Henne-Ochoa, PhD, holds appointments at Indiana University, Bloomington, as Director of the American Indian Studies Research Institute and Academic Specialist.

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Profile portrait of Tri Keah S. Henry.

Tri Keah Henry

Faculty, Criminal Justice

Dr. Tri Keah S. Henry is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at Indiana University – Bloomington. Her research examines the effects of extralegal factors on discretionary decision-making during case processing.

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Profile picture for ADEBOWALE ADELEKAN.

Adebowale Adelekan

Computer Science, Economics/Mathematics

Catherine Barker

Musical Theatre

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Kelly Berkson


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Chloe Diaz

Liberal Studies

Profile picture for HUNTER FOLKENING.

Hunter Folkening


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Drew Heiderscheidt


Michael Jones

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Profile picture for STACIE KING.

Stacie King

Faculty, Anthropology

Kevin Laddapong


Profile picture for Sam Lamba.

Sam Lamba

pre-SPEA, Cognitive Science minor

Michael Manzella


Damaris Pena


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Jeremy Quasney


Portrait picture for Beatriz Lima Riberio.

Beatriz Lima Riberio


Portrait image for Cortney Richards

Cortney Richards

Human Biology

Portrait picture for Collen Ryan.

Colleen Ryan

French and Italian

Lisa Thomassen

Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Profile picture for Andrew White

Andrew White