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Faculty resources & support

To learn about IU's policies on such issues as recruitment, tenure, or admissions, refer to the University Policies website. The Office of the Vice Provost for Diversity and Inclusion focuses on student, faculty, and institutional initiatives relating to recruitment, retention, and climate on our campus.

IU’s Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning provides expertise to enable innovation in curricula, to implement effective pedagogies, and to enhance student engagement.

The same faculty portal that you’ll enter to check your email or submit student grades will also enable you to report bias incidents or sexual misconduct.

College Accountability Form

The College of Arts and Sciences would like to be informed about bias incidents, harassment, or similar issues that impact the well-being of our community. Faculty in the core College may use our College Accountability Form to report their concerns.

This form is not a substitute for campus reporting mechanisms for harassment, bias complaints, or Title IX violations. Instead, this is a mechanism to ensure the College is informed and can provide assistance as units handle matters related to bias incidents, harassment, or other grievances. The College Accountability Form routes to the Associate Executive Dean and the Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion.

Fill out the Accountability Form