Faculty News

Faculty in the news

A new study from Armin Moczek’s lab in Biology in which one species of beetle developed a functional third eye after the function of a single gene was disrupted was featured on multiple news sites, including, among many others: RT news,  Techradar,  Science AlertNew Atlas, and IFLScience

Padraic Kenney, professor of history and international studies, published an article, “Why Are There Political Prisoners?” in History News Network.

Bernice Pescosolido, distinguished professor of Sociology, was profiled in the East Greenwich Patch in “Bernice Pescosolido: East Greenwich to Standout In Hoosier Land.

A new study by Daniel Kennedy, assistant professor, and Brian D’Onofrio, professor, both of Psychological and Brain Sciences, was featured in AAAS EurekAlert!: “Twin study finds genetics affects where children look, shaping mental development.

Yves Brun, Distinguished Professor of Biology, was featured in an article (“Biologists Discover Bacteria’s ‘Sense of Touch’ ”) in the online R&D Magazine; on NPR (“Bacteria’s ‘Sense Of Touch’ Discovery Made In Indiana”); and in AAAS EurekAlert! (“New study identifies mechanism bacteria use to attach to surfaces”).

New grants

From the U.S. Department of Energy to Harold Evans and Sabine Lammers in Physics for US ATLAS Phase I Upgrade: Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) Purchase.

From the National Institute of General Medical Sciences to Robert Vaughan in the Biotechnology Program for Higher Order Structure Analysis of Protein Therapeutics by Covalent Labeling MS.

From the National Science Foundation to Ankur Dalia in Biology for Collaborative Research: Deep-sequencing analysis of edited metabolic pathways to uncover, model, and overcome the epistatic constraints upon optimization.

From the National Collegiate Athletic Associate to Catherine Taylor in Sociology for From Courts to Careers: Former Women Student-Athlete Transitions from College to Adulthood.