Faculty News

Awards + Honors

Seven College faculty members have been named 2018 fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, an honor that recognizes their outstanding contributions to the progress of science and research: Andrea G. Hohmann, the Linda and Jack Gill Chair of Neuroscience in the Linda and Jack Gill Center for Biomolecular Science and professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Daniel B. Kearns, professor of Biology; David M. Kehoe, professor of Biology, Jay-Terrence Lennon, professor of Biology; Robert M. Nosofsky, IU Distinguished Professor and Chancellor's Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences; John T. Patton, associate professor of Biology and Blatt Chair of Virology; and Peter M. Todd, Provost Professor of Cognitive Science and Psychological and Brain Sciences.

Two faculty members in Chemistry have been chosen to receive the 2019 Old Crescent Award, which “celebrates individuals whose exceptional philanthropy creates a lasting impact, empowering students and faculty of today and tomorrow of equal measure.” The first recipient is Dennis G. Peters, the Herman T. Briscoe Professor of Chemistry, who has taught in the department for fifty-six years, and the second is William Carroll, an adjunct professor, who earned his Ph.D. from IU in 1978 under the direction of Dr. Peters.

Maria Bucur-Deckard, John V. Hill Professor of History and Gender Studies in the College, received an honorary doctorate in May from the National University for Political Science and Public Administration (SNSPA). The award recognizes her contributions to Romanian history and gender studies in the U.S. and Romania. IU has fostered scholarly and student exchanges with University of Bucharest and SNSPA since 1973, and continues to support study abroad initiatives, internship opportunities, and research projects with Romanian students and scholars.

Anya Peterson Royce, Chancellor Professor of anthropology and comparative literature, will receive the 2018 Tracy M. Sonneborn Award, which honors an IU Bloomington faculty member for outstanding research/creative activity and teaching. Two College faculty have been named provost professors: Fritz Breithaupt, professor of Germanic studies and John Kruschke, professor of psychological and brain sciences.

Faculty in the news

Thom Kaufman, distinguished professor of Biology, was quoted in an Oregon Public Broadcasting article about fruit flies and the origin of their pestering relationship to humans.

Lorenzo Lorenzo-Luaces, assistant professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, was featured in a Medical Express article for a study he led, which “found that a series of self-guided, internet-based therapy platforms effectively reduce depression.”

Alex Straiker, a Senior Research Scientist in Psychological and Brain Sciences, was quoted in a Wired article about the complicated chemistry of cannabis and its potential as a medicine.

Adelheid M. Gealt, professor of Art History, was featured in two articles, one in Smithsonian Magazine and another on Artnet, for her role as project director of A Space of One's Own, an illustrated database of work by female artists between the 15th and 19th centuries.

Ellen Wu, professor of History and director of the Asian American Studies Program, was cited in a Seattle Times article about the differing role of affirmative action in various Asian American populations.

Cristina Ledón-Rettig, assistant research scientist in Armin Moczek’s lab in Biology, was featured on a Science Friday podcast about the symbiotic relationship between dung beetles and the parasites they carry.

New research by Matthew Bochman, assistant professor of Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, confirms the involvement of two specific enzymes in telomere maintenance, potentially leading to new insights into cancer, premature aging disorders, and their treatments.

Paul Staten, assistant professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, was featured in the environmental science news publication Mongabay refuting the theory that some “hidden force” may be widening the tropics.

New grants

From the National Institute of General Medical Sciences to Ankur Dalia in Biology for Characterizing the basic biology and mechanisms of biofilms in Vibrio cholera.

From the National Science Foundation to Douglas Edmonds in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences for Collaborative Research: Understanding deltas from the lens of their channel networks.

From the National Science Foundation to Nam Quang Le in Mathematics for Regularity Estimates for the Linearized Monge-Ampere and Degenerate Monge-Ampere Equations and Applications in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations.

From the National Institute of Health’s Office of the Director to Kevin R. Cook and Nicholas Samuel Sokol in Biology for Characterization of GAL4 and split-GAL4 driver expression in the Drosophila intestine at the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center.

From the National science foundation to Jared C. Lewis in Chemistry for Career: Catalyzing Polymerization in the Laboratory and Discussion in the Classroom with Artificial Metalloenzymes.

From the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Jet Propulsion Lab at the California Institute of Technology to Paul William Staten in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences for A Multidecadal Satellite Record of Water Vapor, Temperature and Clouds.