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The research of Ellen Wu, Associate Professor of History, was featured in "O mito da minora modelo,” an article published by MOTHERBOARD. MOTHERBOARD is a Brazilian online magazine launched by VICE media group and dedicated to the intersection of technology and culture. 

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Michelle Moyd, Associate Professor of History, co-authored an editorial, “Donald Trump is Changing Our Language. We Need a Vocabulary of Resistance,” which appeared in the Guardian in January 2017.

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Mark Roseman, Professor of History, is featured in an IU Newsroom Policy Briefing on Germany’s upcoming 75-year commemoration of the Wannsee Conference. Professor Roseman contributed a chapter to the German edition of The Participants: The Men of the Wannsee Conference. He also gave a recent talk, “The Rise of Fascism in 20th-Century Europe and this Pre-Inaugural Moment: What are the Similarities? What are the Differences?” to Congregation Beth Shalom in Bloomington.

Rebecca Spang, Professor of History, the director of the Liberal Arts + Management Program (LAMP), and the director of the Center for Eighteenth-Century Studies, was interviewed for Atlantic magazine’s podcast “The French Aristocrat Who Invented the Restaurant”. Her work was also featured in the podcast.

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From the Academy of Korean Studies to Seung-kyung Kim, Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, for Korean Millennials: Coming of Age in the Era of Inequality.

From the James S. McDonnell Foundation to Olaf Sporns, Distinguished Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences, for Network Neuroscience Satellite 2017.

From the OVPR 2017 New Frontiers of Creativity and Scholarship competition to:

  • Elizabeth Shea, Associate Professor and Director of Contemporary Dance, for New Directions in Dance and Film.
  • Marco Arnaudo, Professor of Italian, for Narrative Trends in Analog Game Design.
  • Estela Vieira, Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, for The Invisibles: Women Writers in Nineteenth-Century Portugal.