Choosing a Degree Program

Explore your options

Whether or not you have a major in mind when you start college, you most likely will begin your studies in University Division, the academic home for most first-year students at IU Bloomington. Until you declare your major and enter a degree-granting school, you will be considered an exploratory student.

Although the goal of the exploration process is to select your degree program, it’s also a chance to learn about yourself and your values, interests, skills, and personality, and to discover what you want out of your education, your career, and your life.

So make the most of your opportunity to explore. Take classes on topics that intrigue you. Visit the Explore Majors website to search for majors that match your interests. Take a career course to learn how your academic choices relate to your career options. When you finally choose a degree program, you can rest easy knowing you made an informed decision.