African American & African Diaspora St/Religious Studies - Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

The B.A. with an interdepartmental major in African American and African diaspora studies and religious studies offers students the opportunity to explore and examine the intersection of religion and its influences in African American life and culture. Foundational courses in both departments give students a strong base knowledge of global religious traditions and ideas, and the historical, cultural, and artistic contributions and influences of people of African descent. While students split their time between the two different departments, their course selection weaves together an understanding of how and why religion plays the part that it does in African American history, art, politics and culture.

Graduates from the AAADS/religious studies interdepartmental major successfully pursue careers in law, education, criminal justice, politics, business, community organizing, and the non-profit sector. These students often seek out graduate programs in areas such as African American studies, religious studies, law, seminary, and business school.


Interdepartmental major options

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